In the new economy, technology companies face serious challenges that can mean the difference between business success and failure. Fierce competition, increased customer expectations, faster time-to-market cycles, and demand for superior quality software products are just some of the issues that technology companies must address in an effort to gain and sustain market share. At the same time, companies must manage projects more effectively, reduce development costs, improve operations, and increase revenues.

Cognitim Codeworks helps both global software companies as well as emerging market entrants manage this complex business environment with rapid implementation solutions that address challenges and leverage opportunities to put their business ahead of the competition. From Agile application development to multi-platform redesign, we can help software vendors evolve their product portfolio to meet the new demands of SaaS, mobile communications, and cloud computing.

We are ready to help software vendors with virtually any product engineering task, including:

  • SaaS product development
  • Product conceptualization
  • Agile and Scrum iterative development
  • Application testing
  • User experience design
  • Software lifecycle management

With an emphasis on client comfort, we use innovative relationship and engagement models that enhance value realization for our clients. Protection and management of “intellectual property” is a critical client concern in such relationships. We’re big on corporate governance and we conform to the most stringent standards and measures in safeguarding the intellectual property of our clients.

Our Clients

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